United Way ‘Candy grams’ Fundraiser 2018

Appreciation is a sentiment that is always welcomed everywhere by everyone! This month, Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre (DBNC) organised a heartwarming fundraising ‘candy gram’ campaign among staff members, where personalized messages of appreciation were exchanged along with delicious candy. A staff member said, “You feel appreciated when a colleague tells you how a simple gesture brightened the day and touched his/her life.” Another staff said, “Raising money for a good cause and getting a candy for it – It cannot get better than that!”

The proceeds from the candy gram campaign are donated to support United Way.  The Welcoming Communities team of DBNC conceived this idea in 2017. This year, 748 candy grams were exchanged, which raised a total of $514! This just goes to show that appreciation never has an expiry date!

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