The Disability Settlement Service provides information, referrals, support and advocacy to help individuals living with any kind of disability, whether it is with walking, talking, seeing, hearing, development, learning, physical or mental illnesses or injuries, or any troubling thoughts or feelings. The services help you to lead a positive and meaningful life, enjoy the community, be able to make a contribution to society and feel supported. The topics you can get help with are as individual as you are, but some examples of how I can help are:

  • ​In​formation about life in Canada; your rights; what to do when you or someone you know has a health problem; services, equipment and support available; academic, volunteer, and employment placement; palliative care; healthcare; affordable housing; government support and financial planning options; wills and estate planning.
  • ​Referrals to services in the community; English language classes; special need daycare and school placement; medical, rehabilitation, respite services; government programs.
  • ​Assistance finding and advocating for services; learning employment tools and strategies; finding affordable housing, finding culturally appropriate healthcare, applying for benefits and government support; interpretation and translation of documents; understanding and completing forms.
  • ​Solution focused counselling around adapting to Canada; feelings that “something is wrong” with your health; a new diagnosis; changes in symptoms; how to live well and work in the community; concerns about yourself or a family member; concerns about the future.
  • ​Workshops on applying for social assistance and affordable housing; writing resumes and cover letters; networking; navigating the healthcare system; self advocacy etc.