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Mentoring—Coaching you for the right job, one on one!

Imagine being in an unfamiliar land, without a job, holding limited resources and having no connections! What if an established professional coaches you on how to search for a job in your field, what to expect working in Canada, while also developing your professional network. A ‘Mentor’ would do just that. 

Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre offers the Mentoring Program in partnership with Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC). Vanessa, a former mentee says: “This program assisted me in creating an outstanding resume, applying for the right job and ultimately preparing well for the interview. The program created mock interviews that better prepare candidates. My mentor was very encouraging. He gave me very good insights on the best ways to tackle my job search and this made a huge difference. His advice contributed immensely towards getting my new job.”

Some mentees move further to become mentors. For example, when political instability struck Egypt in 2011, Zoser moved his family to Canada. Back in Egypt, he was at the forefront of his country’s first online banking system for Citibank. Upon landing in Canada, he decided to join the Mentoring Partnership. He gained valuable insights and advice and was successful in securing gainful employment in his field of expertise. Zoser is now a very proud mentor in this program.”

If you are interested in being mentored through individual and group activity or looking for an opportunity to mentor, we encourage you to reach Nitin Dhora at 905-624-2442 or on to know more about the program!

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