The priority is to provide support service normally required by newcomers who have already become Canadian citizens, refugee claimants, newcomers under Ontario’s Provincial Nominee Program, foreign domestic workers admitted under the Live-In Caregiver Program, Minister’s Permit holders or persons who have received special permission to remain in Canada for the purpose of becoming a permanent resident.

Services provided under the NSP do not differ from those of ISAP; it is the category of the client served which differs.

The Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (MCI) funds the Newcomer Settlement Program (NSP) which supports the early and effective settlement of newcomers to Ontario. The goal of the NSP is to help newcomers fully engage in all aspects of Canadian life, social, economic, political and cultural, and to maximize the benefits of their participation and contribution to Canadian society. To achieve this goal, the NSP focuses on improving the quality and availability of, and access to, services that improve the social and economic situation of newcomers. Several types of workshops are offered; for example one information workshop and one general networking/social/cultural activity is organized per month. Workshop topics include:

• Immigration information – family sponsorship; changes in regulations; updates of refugee law; etc.

• Health issues – Services available; system  re-structuring; eligibility; good health for newcomers; coping  with anxiety, stress, depression, etc. (we have increased our cooperation with the local health care system and have been able to coordinate more home care for Arab seniors).

• Housing – Finding housing; types of assisted housing; landlord-tenant issues, etc.

• Social Services – Exploring the range of social services available for newcomers; eligibility

• Specialized settlement issues – Dealing with family separation

• Cross-cultural communication and awareness – What is Canadian culture; how to communicate effectively across cultures; dealing with racism and discrimination.