Caregivers’ and Seniors’ Support Program

The Caregivers’ and Seniors’ Support Program provides education, information and referrals for caregivers, their care recipients, and for vulnerable older adults.

It assists individuals by keeping them involved in their community and connected to resources that help them to maintain optimum health, quality of life and independence.

Drop-ins are offered weekly in English, with people of all cultural backgrounds and language abilities welcomed.

Language-specific drop-ins are held monthly in Mandarin, Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi and Polish, with facilitators who speak those languages.

A monthly COPD peer support session for individuals with COPD, or those supporting them, is offered.

For more on information, please call or email the program coordinator:

Wendy (905) 276 6392 ext. 226;

email: wendym@dixiebloor.ca