March Break 2018 – Fun and games

Youth engagement is ‘NYCE’.

Young people who are new to Canada undergo a big transition and face many issues in the process of adapting to the new culture and language. A recent study by The Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies (AMSSA) shows that they face challenges in adjusting to weather conditions, encounter peer pressure and isolation due to language barriers, a lack of social support, and difficulty in adjusting to the new school system.

At Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre, we are mindful of these challenges. Through our ‘Newcomer Youth Community Engagement (NYCE)’ program, we address these challenges by providing a safe and fun environment for newcomer youth to help each other overcome these barriers and gain a greater appreciation for the immigration experience.

As part of this program, we had a lot of fun activities planned for the recent March break with 30 youth and 4 staff attending a series of local trips. Here are the highlights:

Kortright Centre
Youth and staff learnt the history of the discovery of Maple Syrup and how it is made.
Air Riderz
Youth and staff participated in many physical activities like
jumping on the trampoline, climbing the rock wall, or climbing steps.
Movie at Cineplex-‘Black Panther’
Youth and staff went to see the popular superhero movie
and needless to say, they enjoyed it thoroughly.

Breakdance Session with Ground Illusionz:
 The youth learned a few steps to do a simple breakdance routine.

Battle Archery: Youth and staff got an opportunity to participate in team building competitive archery games. Following the games, the youth had a great time dancing to their music.

If you have a passion for positively impacting the Youth in our community and would like to support or join us as a volunteer, contact our office at 905-629-1873 ext. 300.

You can also learn more about our programs by browsing our website or following us on social media:

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  Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre

The Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre is a social services agency founded in 1988 by concerned members of the community to enhance the quality of life of those residing in the Dixie Bloor area and beyond. We offer a wide range of programs that are free of charge and responsive to the needs of the communityC

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